Superior Paver Installation and Design

Pacific Coast Pavers is a certified ICPI Installer with 20 years of hardscape experience. You can be sure that your project is built according to industry guidelines and will last a lifetime.

Choosing the Best Pavement and the Best Installer

With Pacific Coast Pavers you can be sure that our installers are true craftsmen that are dedicated to quality installations and maintaining the highest standards.

Building a Pavement to Last a Lifetime

Why Choose Pavers…

Interlocking concrete pavers are a sensible and aesthetically attractive choice for all outdoor and some indoor surfaces. They can be applied in both residential and commercial settings, including surface coverings for driveways, parking lots, promenades, sidewalks, pool decks, patios, streets, golf cart paths and fire access areas.

Pavers’ combination of strength, excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility deliver the most durable, crack-proof pavement able to handle all vehicular traffic and pedestrians with very low maintenance costs.

Whether for new construction or the resurfacing of old unsightly or damaged surfaces, consider the valuable benefits of pavers. Manufactured to tight dimensional tolerances, pavers are stronger than regular poured concrete surfaces and more durable than black asphalt.

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